Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit | Woodland Themed | Tillandsia



This cute little glass globe terrarium kit lets you create the perfect woodland environment for your air plant to grow and thrive in. The terrarium has a flat base so can be sat on flat surfaces as well as hanging up.

The kit comes with everything you need create this terrarium which includes the Tillandsia Air plant itself, along with the glass globe terrarium, white gravel, moss and bark to create the perfect mini woodland themed environment. A care guide will also be included!

Air plants unlike most other plants don't require soil to grow, in fact they absorb food and nutrients through the air and a weekly dunk in water for a couple of minutes is all they need to survive and thrive. They can even flower if well cared for!

Your kit will include:

1x Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium
1x Tillandsia Air Plant
1x Bag of White Gravel
1x Piece of Moss
1x Piece of Woodland Bark
1x Air Plant Care Guide

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